Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make Your Home Feels Comfortable

To make your living room feel cozy is adjusted appearance regulation based on room models at your home. For example if your room quadrilateral you can placed room table with “ I “ shape arrangement on side of the wall that you want, carpet and seat placed at front of that. However shape of the room do you have will easy to make that cozy if you can arranging the room look seen from 3 important aspect.


Material of the floor is important to make your home seen comfortable either that of cement, ceramic, marble or natural stone all depends on our ability to buy that’s all. We can put a carpet or rug if you want to give soft impression on the room. That very suitable if we have a toddler son to give him / her play area indoor. Now we can get that carpets with many options and price via online like at http://www.advancecarpetonesaintlouis.com/ ,so we do not have bother to come out to have our wants. So we will more free to choose type of any kind of carpets.


For wall color we must choose the color which it not absorbs light from lamp, in order that our room didn’t looks vague on the night with lighting from lamp. And that color must compatible with furniture that our own, so it will more interesting when we seen.


Generally color of the roof in room is white, it because white color can reflect light to make room look bright. We can change that if we wants with calm color like at modern home which it popular on this year. Our sense needed if we want to change with pastel color and the other side we must change wall color too, to make our house looks cheerful.

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